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Although a dental emergency is an unpredictable occurrence, having a dependable 11010 dentist you trust will make the situation more manageable. Dr. Michele Rennard of Foxx Dental of Franklin Square can effectively diagnose and treat a range of dental emergencies, including traumatic injuries, the underlying causes of toothache, such as deep decay or infection, and damaged or broken bridges and dentures. Our highly-skilled and experienced team will provide you with compassionate urgent care and provide the relief you need.

Oftentimes, in the case of traumatic injury to a tooth, your emergency dentist in Franklin Square will want to check to make sure significant damage hasn’t occurred to the inner nerve of the tooth. Even when chips, cracks or fractures aren’t visible, the shock of an injury can do irreversible damage to the inside nerve of the tooth, leaving it susceptible to infection. When this occurs, root canal therapy can be performed to preserve the tooth. Among the most commonly performed dental procedures, root canals are reported to have a 95% rate of success, so if you should require one, you can feel confident about the outcome.

Your emergency dentist in Franklin Square is also well prepared in the event of a cracked or damaged filling, crown, or other dental prosthetic. Fillings can become damaged as a result of injury, or decay to the remaining structure of the affected tooth. It’s important to see your dentist as soon as possible if a restoration becomes loose or damaged as this can provide an entry point for bacteria and infection. With damaged restorations, each case is addressed on a highly-individualized basis.

At Foxx Dental of Franklin Square, as a trusted and leading 11010 dentist, we are committed to delivering prompt and effective emergency dental care to our valued community. Our friendly staff will have you feeling better soon as you walk through our doors. Call today to schedule an appointment!


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